Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Advantages of Being in a Relationship

A relationship on its own is a complex matter, now to sub-categorize them into advantages and disadvantages is very subjective, so whatever is written here would be based on my own opinion.

Rather than pointing out advantages of a relationship, which may just sound like me encouraging more teens to get into a relationship because of all the ‘good times’ you might experience. I hope you understand that personally I think that a relationship should not be for fun and should be treated seriously. Your mind set should be thinking that your getting into a relationship because you’ve met this special someone who makes you well, feel good about yourself and about them, and that you want to get closer to that person beyond the level of friendship.

A relationship is not just connecting on a physical level, that would just be meaningless and wont last long. Yes-yes, to a certain point it is and that emotionally and physically feelings should be balanced. But when you and your partner come to a point when after just liking each other you begin to feel and care for each other that you can never do for anyone else, than will you understand just how much that person means to you. A feeling like that can never be replaced by just physical looks or anything else like that.

Even in a relationship, you will not only begin to understand the other person better but you will also begin to understand yourself, and all the little habits that might annoy the other person, or make them happy. The longer you’re with each other, the more you begin to adapt to each other and this doesn’t just happen immediately, it takes time for something like this to happen. The person also becomes someone you can really confide in, but don’t forget about your friends around you though. They are important too!

There is so much more besides this of course, it may be the little gestures that you do for each other that makes your relationship special. Or the encouragements that you give to cheer each other up. Through a relationship, you begin to grow more mature (hopefully) at handling issues, be it good or bad. Yes, a relationship sure makes you feel good, but unfortunately don’t expect all relationships to go well, even if it isn’t your first, the right relationship depending on the individual takes time.


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where can i get more info?

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u are ?

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is this even real ? not tew be rude or anything , just saying

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i love this information it gives her opinion and tells us a little about what she thinks of teenage relationships

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