Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Teenagers. Who are they ?

Being a teenager in my teens, i feel teenagers do really need to get a grasp of their lives. Thank goodness, as i had read somewhere on the net, we humans only get to have 7 years to spend in our teenage lives.

Teenagers during their secondary school is their golden time in their lives. They meet good friends who will stick to them, well probably for life. It is a period of time for them to meet new people, know how people function in a community and of course, to learn new stuff. Be it textbook knowlege and lifeskills.

I believe there is no other period than during their studying years to do this. When you go into society to work, things get very professional and work based. As i heard from my parents, its difficult to find your type of bossom friend, one who can be by your side during the tough times. In society, its a world for themselves. Money makes the world go round, it ticks the world. In work, friends come and go, often we regard these people as colleagues. Are there any other periods in time when we can find our true friends ? I believe, only during our study period, then we are able to meet these people.

Teenagers, most probably are still studying in school. They are people like myself, struggling hard to juggle time for school work, play and family. It is the transitional period for us to turn from child to adult. It is also a time where they express themselves more verbally and visually which they would be heavily influenced by their surroundings, parents, friends and the media.

These seven years of teen, is especially a very delicate period of time which would determine the form they will be when they become adults. This period shapes them. We are like a mould of a artist during the hardening process, where the artist would spent his time doing the final touch ups to his piece of work. And most likely, once hardened, it would be difficult to change the designs.

I sometimes ask myself, will i miss my teens when i grow up ? What do you think ?


Blogger nurul_DARCH04 said...

Nicely written. I somehow agree with what you have said about teenage years. I think we are going to miss our teenage years. I only have two years more till I turn 20 and I have to admit that sometimes I want to relive those moments again, especially those during secondary school times. To me, it's during that time where we actually grow up.Experiencing different things at one go. To me, that is where I set out my goals and beliefs. Sigh...I'm SO going to miss my teenage years BIG time!

1:52 PM  
Blogger jeremypan_Darch/04 said...

yes i am going to miss my teenage years i totally agree. but not only our teenage years but also our childhood memory is also something we will remember and when we get married we will also remember the moment so we cannot say that teenage years is the only years we can remember i bet there are times and moment that we are going to have that we are going to miss like yr honey moon yr wedding day the day u became a mother or dad there are so many countless moment to remember thus i would say i will miss my teenage years but i will also look forward to my future events. plus living tho it again may not be a good thing cos u have to go tho the bad times too so teenage memory for me is best in the past at least i can remember the good times i have wif my frens and the good times i spend in school and not live tho the torture of studying for my exams and i am looking forward to leaving SP and go to U cos i can hardly hold on anymore to this architorture ........ hahahahahaahahah

2:31 PM  
Blogger nurul_DARCH04 said...

I've asked two of my frens about missing their teenage years and they said most probably. They wished they can go back and change everything cause one of them was naughty during primary school. Heh..yep. I too wish I can go back time but somehow it's all about looking at the bright side of life. I can leave my teenage years with a sense of satisfaction cause right now I can't wait to drive!Wahoo...but about settling down and getting married...err..not ready yet.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous valerie_darch04 said...

missing my teens? hmm..i suppose i just might.. but i'd like to think of it as just maturing - still being the same person (personality and all) but just older.=) Yes, agreed that it is the transition of going into adulthood. Its the time when the 'majority' of us begin to become more aware of issues around us- be it our studies, relationships, family or just about life. However, personally i think life is a developing process actually. Making mistakes, learning from them, and just experincing as much of life as possible, is something that goes on through-out our lives. Our teenage years is the begining of our experinces- making close friends, and first experinces.. but it wont just end here. =)

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Kenneth_DArch04 said...

I believe that i definitely will miss these teenage years. They were fun times that had few worries attached to them. There weren't any people trying to backstab you or anything as I believe will happen in the working life. But I think that making your bosom friends did not begin in your teens, afterall, I had made 2 bosom friends while I was just a small child. As I found out for myself, humans had already started judging people by how they look by their teens.

Even now i scream as i age inevitably.

11:55 PM  

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