Thursday, August 17, 2006

Communication and Gender Issues

Sometimes, i think we really cannot fully understand each other's gender. Like man can never comprehend women, and women will always think that man are insensitive.

Even with enforced stressing on the issues of communication, a couple might still somehow or another keep things to themselves, without the proper mode of relaying information to each other. This might in the end generate some unnecessary misunderstands leading to a break up or other undesired effects like a tight slap. Ha!

Being a teen, and one which his teens are coming to an end pretty soon. I advise others to think about how much your truly understand the other gender. Even right now as you might read this in your head, and you already do notice that you REALLY do not know much about others, i am not asking you to become a homo or something which might be rejected by society. Each sex are engineered differently either by the wonders of evolution or being crafted uniquely by the artisitic hands of god. It makes perfect sense of not knowing the opposite gender well.

So, what can you do about it ?

Nothing much really, as the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. Experience the feel of a solid tight slap across the face, feel the pain rushing into your head and know the reason behind this action. Know how does it feel getting dumped by your lurvy durvy guy on the street on Orchard road.

For guys, try your best to understand and give way to ladies, well, ladies first ! And for girls, we guys are indeed"+no doubt+stamp" insensitive but that is what we are. Learn to communicate through various means. Emails, handwritten letter, MSN chat, emotions actions or even through the NDP monitor screen... the list is endless. Never give up a chance for a happy future if you think you can handle it now, even if you think that 1 person might not be the one. Try your best and optimism is key, do not let that effort go to waste unless there is absolutely no BRIGHT future for you. Humans are selfish by nature, Ghandis and Mother Teresas don't pop by everyday.

Everyone needs to be loved and love. The hormones rage within us. Its time to act, and then re-act. Do what you think is right for you do not regret such actions in the future. Think for yourself, its for the BEST.

Regards and with love for all,


Blogger FREEDOM said...

... think not of it....

humans exist only for one sole purpose...

and that is to pass our genes to teh next generation and the next. It is through this cause, in which such ideas and issues develop. Ultimately, as long as the future has part of your genetic coding, you have served you purpose.

quoted from
"vege-boy's o lvl oral" which was adapted/ripped/copied/traced whole sale from mgs2 : sons of liberty

tally ho!

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